Monday, June 04, 2007

Going back a few weeks

to May 12 and Lotus Lake. I am using the laptop tonight to post so this will likely be short.... the laptop has a tendency to suddenly erase a few paragraphs at a time. So far in this post I described a traffic accident at Lotus Lake and a ride to the train station I took with some local Taiwanese..... but.... the laptop decided I didn't need to elaborate, so that information won't make it to the blog. Instead, I will tell you about the strange sights at Lotus Lake. Ordinarily, this Lake has some unusual attractions that could almost pass as visuals at an amusement park. There is a huge dragon and an equally huge tiger at the entrance to some pagodas. Visitors walk into the mouth of one and through the rear of another if they want to see the pagodas and the art inside the pagodas. Strangely enough, I was really looking forward to that. But, during my visit, there was construction going on and I was unable to explore inside the pagodas or to even take any good photos of the attraction. Another large temple across the street was also under construction but I was able to photograph some of the architecture of the temple.... minus the paint cans and ladders and such. Although I was disappointed at the construction, I was still impressed with many of the other statues and pavilions out on the lake. It was very hot on the day I went to Lotus Lake and there was really no place for me to escape the direct sun.... so I didn't stay too long at the lake. Perhaps these photos will give you somewhat of an idea of what it was like at Lotus Lake. The bamboo you see along the dragon is scaffolding. That's the way it is done here....rather nice, don't you think?

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