Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fallen Temple in Jiji

With the school year just ended and summer camp next week, I realize I am not going to have time to get caught up on the blog entries. Things are moving too quickly here. I am about 10 adventures behind and going off to the mountains tomorrow to avoid the heat and watch a sunrise above the clouds. So far I have 48 CD's of photographs I have taken this past year.... can I make it 50 before I am back in the US? I love a challenge! In the meantime, here are a few photos from a temple in Jiji that collapsed during an earthquake in 1999. I am not entirely sure why they left the temple on the ground like this. Perhaps it was seen as a way to bring tourists to Jiji and help build the economy after the earthquake destroyed so much of the town. If that was the intention, it seems to have been successful. The few photos I have chosen to post are to show an overall view of the temple, a close up view and then one that might be titled, "So much for steel reinforced concrete...."

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sam of the ten thousand things said...

Amazing images, Cheryl. Thanks for posting them.